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Designation Name Rank Mobile
    Hon'ble President     Raji Reddy     Retd. C.I.    
    Hon'ble President     Brahmanandam     Retd. C.I.     9440026169
    President     K.Thirupathi Reddy     Retd. A.S.I.     9849411242
    Vice President     O.Malliah     Retd. S.I.     9889735825
    Vice President     G.Sarojana     Retd. H.C.     9849539053
    General Secretary     S.Pundarikam     Retd. A.S.I.     9493677317
    Treasurer     MD.Yousuf Mirza     Retd. A.S.I.     9441972481
    Joint Secretary     S.Narayana     Retd. P.C.     9849263220
    Organising Secretary     T.Durgaiah     Retd. A.S.I.     9177447635
    Executive Members     Syed.Hameem     Retd. S.I.     9346715525
    Executive Members     M.Laxminarayana     Retd. A.S.I.     9849088485
    Executive Members     K.Mogilaiah     Retd. A.S.I.     9440009237
    Executive Members     V.Jagannatham     Retd. A.R.,H.C.     9492187030
    Executive Members     M.Rajaiah     Retd. H.C.     9440304654
    Executive Members     MA.Hakeem Khan     Retd. A.R.S.I.     8106061339

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