As per the current definition, the term ‘Juvenile Delinquents’ or 'Children in Conflict with the Law' refers to any person below the age of 18 who has come in contact with the justice system as a result of committing a crime or being suspected of committing a crime. It may be kept in mind that, the figures for juvenile delinquency till 2000 were collected as per the definition of Juvenile justice Act, 1986. Male below the age of 16 years and female below the age of 18 years were considered as Juveniles in this Act. The Act was amended in 2000 according to which, the age of juvenile male and females was brought at par as below the age of 18 years.


Taking note of the increase in the number of individuals with good educational background indulging in crimes such as abduction, extortion and cyber crime, the school education department has asked schools to lay more stress on instilling values in students and moulding their character into becoming responsible citizens of the country and not merely focusing on students' academic progress.

At a meeting of representatives of city schools conducted by the department of school education on Tuesday, officials urged teachers to pay more attention to student behaviour and correctional measures.

Borstal School

Borstal Schools are a type of youth detention center and are used exclusively for the imprisonment of minors or juveniles. The primary objective of Borstal Schools is to ensure care, welfare and rehabilitation of young offenders in an environment suitable for children and keep them away from contaminating atmosphere of the prison. The juveniles in conflict with law detained in Borstal Schools are provided various vocational training and education with the help of trained teachers. The emphasis is given on the education, training and moral influence conducive for their reformation and prevention of crime.

Dist. Child Protection Unit

Sl.No Designation Name Office Mobile
1 Dist Child Protection Officer Durdana Parveen 0878-2254050 7396424387
2 Protection Officer-IC P. Shantha 9493261822
3 Protection Officer-NIC J. Thirupathi 9440236430
4 Legal cum Probation Officer M. Nagaraju 9849749343
5 Social Worker M. Ramesh 9391636100
6 Social Worker M. Kavitha 9247824051
7 Accountant A. Srinivas 9949903232
8 Data Analyst M. Raj kumar 0878-2254050 9885835843
9 Data Entry Operator B. Kranthi Kishore 7842204290
10 Out Reach Worker G. Vanaja Rani 9492191898

Dist. Probation Officer

Sl.No Designation Name Office Mobile
1 Dist. Probation Officer P. Laxmirajam 8341590900 9490031615

Juvenile Justice Board

Sl.No Designation Name Office Mobile
1 Chairperson Sri. Azar Hussain, Addl. J.M.F.C 0878-2242867 9908928878
2 Member Smt. Vani 9059107609

Child Welfare Committee

Sl.No Designation Name Office Mobile
1 Chairperson Smt. Jayasree 9848053830
2 Member Komraiah 9440008833
3 Member Hymavati 9704120528
1 Member Ravindhar 9866452254
1 Member Ramesh 9440054323

Child Help Line – 1098

Sl.No Designation Name Office Mobile
1 Dist. Coordinator Sampath 0878-2249300 9849774149
2 Team Member Arun 9866821361
3 Team Member Mahesh 7799659237